Chicken Fingers$10.50

Chicken breast tenderloins lightly breaded and seasoned, served with ranch, and BBQ and sauce

Rocky Mountain Oysters$12.00

Bull fries sliced thin battered and deep fried served with ranch dip

Sirloin Steak Tips$11.50

A generous portion of bite size sirloin tips, lightly dusted with Japanese  bread crumbs and steak seasonings, then deep fried and served with ranch dip 

Buffalo Wings$11.50

Jumbo chicken wings, choose between, traditional (hot or mild), minced garlic and butter, Cajun style, or BBQ, all served with ranch dip

Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese Curds$10.50

White cheddar cheese curds, lightly breaded then deep fried to a golden brown served with ranch dip

Cowboy Corn Bites$10.00

Sweet corn kernels, bacon and jalapenos gently blended into Philadelphia cream cheese, breaded and deep fried, served with warm maple syrup and ranch dip

Buckskin Sampler$13.25

A tasty combination of cheddar cheese curds, beer battered onion rings, chicken-fingers and traditional Buffalo wings, served with ranch, and BBQ sauce



Half pound of ground sirloin cooked to your liking, with cheese add $.75, bacon add $1.00

Mushroom Swiss Burger$13.00

Half pound of ground sirloin smothered with Swiss cheese and sautéed fresh mushrooms

Buffalo Burger$14.00

A half pound of locally raised Buffalo, with cheese add $.75 with bacon add $1.00

Barbequed Pulled Pork$10.50

Large portion of roasted Boston pork butt, hand shredded marinated with Original Bull’s Eye BBQ sauce served on freshly baked French bread

Charbroiled Chicken Sandwich$10.50

Tender 8oz. BBQ chicken breast, charbroiled to perfection, topped with Applewood bacon your choice of cheese served on a fresh Kaiser bun with a side of BBQ sauce.

Hot Ham and Swiss$11.50

Baked ham smothered with melted Swiss cheese served on our freshly baked French bread.


A local German & Norwegian favorite, a seasoned hamburger patty wrapped in sweet dough, then deep fried, a portion that won’t disappoint anyone.

South Philly Cheese Steak$11.75

Half a pound of thinly sliced sirloin smothered with melted mozzarella cheese, topped with our homemade marinara sauce served on freshly baked French bread.

Classic Reuben$12.00

Jewish style corned beef, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, 1000 island dressing, plied high on buttered fresh rye bread then toasted on the griddle

French Dip$10.50

Half a pound of thinly sliced roast sirloin, a side of Au Jus dip served on French bread.

Burgers and sandwiches are served with lettuce, tomato, pickle spears, choice of any one side dish Choose any one included side then any additional sides are $3.00 Steak fries Cottage cheese Seasonal vegetables Garlic mashed potatoes and gravy Coleslaw Onion rings (additional $2.00)


Country Fried Steak$19.50

Homemade 12oz. breaded cubed steak, deep fried to a golden brown smothered with country gravy

Surf and Turf$24.50

Our 8 oz. choice sirloin steak served with three tempura beer battered jumbo shrimp


Cut fresh every day, 8 oz. of choice center cut sirloin steak, charbroiled to perfection Twins $23.00

Tempura Shrimp$23.00

Five large prawn sized shrimp, dipped in our own light beer batter tempura mix, deep fried to a golden brown, served with warm butter, Tatar & cocktail sauces 


Generous portion of sirloin steak tips, sautéed in brown gravy, sour cream, fresh mushroom caps with a hint of Sherry wine, served over a bed of linquini 

Cajun Chicken Tortellini$25.00

A charbroiled chicken breast thinly sliced, sautéed in a white cream sauce with sweet peppers & onions and mild Cajun seasonings, served over a bed of cheese stuffed tortellinis

Rib Eye Steak

Freshly cut, choice rib eye steak, rolled in our own steak oil, charbroiled to your liking 12 oz. $24.00   16 oz. $28.00

Salisbury Steak

Delicious ground choice sirloin, charbroiled and smothered with mozzarella cheese, sautéed onions, fresh mushrooms, homemade brown gravy, a very popular choice Half Pound $18.00 Full Pound $21.50

Seafood or Chicken Alfredo

A house specialty, shrimp, fresh Lump $ Surimi crab meat or chicken & fresh mushrooms sautéed in sweet cream, butter, and our own Alfredo sauce, served over a bed of linguini Seafood $29.00 Chicken $22.50

Honey Almond Chicken$17.50

Unique to the Buckskin, 100z. tenderized fresh chicken breast, pan fried in butter with local honey and garnished  with toasted slivers of almonds



Homemade Soup

Cup $3.75 Bowl $4.75

House Salad$7.00

Crispy Chicken Salad $10.00 Grilled Chicken Salad $10.00

Hand Tossed Caesar Salad$8

Hand Tossed Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad$13.00


Medium Pizza 12 inch $11.00

Large Pizza 16 inch $17.50

Medium Stromboli 12 inch$11.00

Large Stromboli 16 inch$17.50

Additional Toppings All toppings are $1.75 each except for the seafood’s which are $4.75 each Sausage, Pepperoni, Ground Beef, Canadian bacon, Black olives, Onions, Sweet peppers, Bacon, Pineapple, Garlic, Mushrooms, Jalapenos, Shrimp or Surimi crab

Juniors and Seniors

Seniors 65 and over and children 10 and under may order from this special menu


Hamburger & fries$6.50

Cheeseburger & fries$7

Cup of soup & salad$7

Chicken strips & fries$7

Spaghetti & sauce$7

Wisconsin cheese curds & fries$7


All Beverages are offered as all you care to drink pepsi, diet pepsi, coke, diet coke, mountain dew, diet mountain dew, seven up, sprite, Dr. pepper, root beer, lemonade and unsweetened iced tea, milk, hot cocoa, chocolate milk



Coffee, Hot tea$1.75



Peach cobbler ala mode
Bread pudding ala mode
Brownie sundae
Chocolate Cheesecake with either strawberry or chocolate topping


Scoops of vanilla ice cream$1.50 each